The Butterfly’s Adventure

This is the latest show from the Scallywags. It was first performed in July 2015 as part of the 24/7 Manchester Theatre Festival at The Manchester Museum. It has recently been performed again at the museum as part of the early opening autism friendly event and will be on again very soon! Watch this space for more news from Martin and his friends as they may be coming to a venue near you very soon!

Martin is a caterpillar. He is very large, very colourful and VERY fluffy! One night, all of his caterpillar friends grew wings and turned into butterflies! However Martin still didn’t have his wings, but, he decided that he was going to go and explore anyway! He travels around the museum with his friends (and the audience!) and meets a lot of fun new characters along the way!

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The Very, Very, Very Sleepy Princess

This was the first play written and performed by Scallywags! It was a project that was collectively devised together at The University of Salford and was toured around the local primary schools in Salford. After a successful run, the show was then taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.

The story follows Harry Prince, a modern day boy who is just trying to get by, but he accidentally stumbles across a castle. When he enters, he sees a sleeping princess, who when kissed, awakens after hundreds of years of being asleep! Princess Aurora is shocked to wake up and find it is now 2013 and times have changed. However, Princess Aurora has a little problem, she keeps falling asleep! Harry Prince, Princess Aurora and Humphrey the cat need to defeat the evil fairy Karaboss to break this spell. They meet many wonderful friends along the way and everyone realises the importance of friendship and love.

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In 2013 Scallywags created a stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s world famous book ‘Coraline’. ‘Coraline’ tells the story of a young girl who has been forced to move house with her parents to an unusal new village. Fed up and miserable in her own world, she is transported into the ‘other’ world where she meets her Other Mother and Other Father. They are the ideal parents, they provide her with everything she has ever wanted. What could possibly go wrong…?

It was a successful piece performed at The Robert Powell Theatre and Media City UK in Salford. Take a look at some of the photos from the show!