About the Company:
Scallywags Theatre Company consists of five Drama and Theatre post-graduates from The University of Salford. Since September 2012, they have worked as an artistic collective creating original work and adapting texts for children and their families. As of 2014 Scallywags have expanded their line of work by developing a workshop programme that caters to children and young people living with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties). Scallywags are now in the process of expanding this project by securing further residencies with schools in the North West as well as laying the groundwork for the creation of a social enterprise project whereby drama is used as a means of therapy to reach out to vulnerable individuals who may have restricted access to traditional drama practises.

Our Mission Statement:
‘Our aim is to capture the essence of childhood imagination and remind everyone of the importance of play and adventure.’

Our Manifesto:
We believe in the power of the inner child and its limitless imagination. As a group we try to channel this energy to create work that resonates with young people. Through the means of drama, music, puppetry, and larger than life characters we create vibrant worlds that mesmerise and enthral our audiences. Yet however far removed from reality our work appears to be, there is always an element of the performance that reflects an aspect of the real world. By representing the real life problems of children in an unconventional way, we hope that our performances and workshops will give our audiences time to reflect on the challenges they face and help them to overcome them by nurturing their creativity, encouraging freedom of expression, and developing an interest and passion for the theatre and the arts.
Although our work is often written with young people in mind we believe that our shows are just as important for adult audiences. The world we live in can be highly destructive, limiting our ability to communicate with the voice of our inner child. By representing the world as if through the eyes of a child in our performances we hope that adults will reflect on the innocence of youth and re-engage with their inner child, knowing that you can never become too old to be creative.11407301_975513799147262_3708080381075883762_n